Cattle Vroni

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    GA Deggendorf

A long-time Aiderbichl supporter became aware of a farm and visited it regularly. She always thought that the way the animals were kept there was not ideal. Then one calf after another saw the light of day and stole the woman's heart. She immediately fell in love with the big googly eyes with the long eyelashes, but also with her great character. From then on, she did everything she could to be there for the calves so that their care would improve. She also activated friends and acquaintances who joined her. When the sale of the five calves was on the table, the woman couldn't help herself and wanted to find a new home for her charges. Even though she knew that this happened to so many little calves every day. Money was collected, people were sought who would accompany Tobias, Romy, Lotti, Vroni and Toni financially. A place was also sought, but it was hard to find. She turned hopefully to Gut Aiderbichl and asked for help. But five calves at once? They are still small, but they also grow up and need space - that always has to be taken into account with every admission. But we did it - all five calves became part of our family!

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