Chimpanzee Xsara


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    Monkey Refuge

Most of the ex-lab chimpanzees were stolen from the jungle as baby apes and had to watch their families being killed. Once in Austria, they were kept in an experimental laboratory for 30 years, without contact with conspecifics and in a very small space. Since 1997, animal experiments on apes have been banned in Austria and since then the chimpanzees have been reclaiming their lives. Their management and care was handed over to the Safari Park in Gänserndorf, which finally went bankrupt in 2004. Since then their fate was uncertain. In 2009, they were taken over by Gut Aiderbichl from a bankruptcy estate and have been under our protection ever since. Xsara, like her brother David, had to be raised by hand and didn't suffer from experiments in the laboratory. Xsara is the youngest of all the chimpanzees. As our keepers say, she is a real diva with star airs. If she wants something, she bitches around until she gets it. No matter if it is food, attention or physical contact. If something doesn't go her way, she plays the offended party. Xsara does not go outside either, because she has the others so far under control that food and grass are brought to her in the living room. Senn that she is growing up nicely, the amount of protection and tolerance within the group is also reduced towards her. She has to make an effort to fit into adult life. This is a good learning process for everyone in the group. Xsara is very playful, also curious and likes to make contact with people.

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