Dog Flocke


  • Colour:
    black/white fuzzy
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  • Location:
    Special care places

A Greek animal rescuer couldn't hold back the tears - of anger and despair. If the steel walls of a dumpster hadn't carried the pitiful whimpers of a mother dog and her little puppies outside, the worst would have happened. A family of dogs crouched in the middle of the rubbish from gardening. At the latest, if the container had been hoisted onto a truck and taken to the dump, the worst would have happened. But the animal lover was able to save the dog family and thanks to her call for help to Gut Aiderbichl, the papers for the dogs could soon be drawn up and they could be moved to a new, beautiful home. In the meantime, mum Flocke has found a special foster home. Of course, she remains under the lifelong protection of Gut Aiderbichl and can come home at any time!

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