Chimpanzee Peter


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    Monkey Refuge

Most of the ex-lab chimpanzees were stolen from the jungle as baby apes and had to watch their families being killed. Once in Austria, they were kept in an experimental laboratory for 30 years, without contact with conspecifics in a very small space. Animal experiments on apes have been banned in Austria since 1997, and since then the chimpanzees have been reclaiming their lives. Their management and care was handed over to the Safari Park in Gänserndorf, which finally went bankrupt in 2004. Since then, their fate was uncertain. In 2009, they were taken over by Gut Aiderbichl from a bankruptcy estate and have been under our protection ever since. Peter is very impaired by his past in research and therefore cannot be grouped. He used to live in the male group, but due to his behaviour towards group members he had to be separated. Several more attempts were made to reunite him with conspecifics. Unfortunately, this was impossible. Peter is therefore kept individually. Right opposite, very close to him, sits Jelle, with whom he likes to share his joy when the sliders to the outside are opened or the food is distributed. He likes to play "chase" with the keepers and even encourages them to do so. Peter loves every new challenge and is also extremely skilled and patient when it comes to using tools. His absolute favourite place, however, is still the window sill. From there he can observe everything very closely. He is particularly fond of the view of the farmyard, especially when fruit and vegetables are being delivered.

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