Rabbit Trick


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    Light brown-white
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    Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf

Animals are not toys, but living beings for which you take responsibility when you buy them - for life. The fact that not every animal owner has this attitude is demonstrated to us at Gut Aiderbichl again and again. When their once beloved companions become a nuisance, take up too much time or no longer fit into their plans, some pet owners' conscience takes a back seat. They simply abandon their animals and leave them to an uncertain fate. When our estate manager Hansi Süß went on his tour of Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf in the evening, he discovered a bag in front of the gate. His dog Bobby, who accompanied him as usual, sniffed excitedly at it. Cautiously, Hansi opened the clasp. And what he then saw made him angry and sad at the same time. Inside the small bag were three rabbits cowering with some straw. No "suicide note" or anything like that in it! Hansi first took his sad find into the warmth so that the rabbits were safe. The Gut Aiderbichl team immediately set about finding a suitable place for the three of them and getting them ready, and a vet appointment was also arranged straight away. Of course, we helped in this case and put the three rabbits under our protection. Nevertheless, everyone should be aware that abandoning an animal is a punishable offence, which will of course be reported to the police. Animals are not something you can simply get rid of. Everyone who is thinking about getting a pet should remember this.

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