Cattle Wolga


  • Colour:
    Black and white
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    GA Iffeldorf

A farmer once put it in a nutshell: "Turbo cows" work themselves up. After all, they produce more than twice the amount of milk that cows did ten years ago. This is at the expense of their health, and at the end of their short careers they are exhausted wrecks. A turbo cow is not a breed for the small farmer. They are cattle that are predominantly used in medium and large-scale farms and where quantity is the main concern - quality seems to be secondary here. Demand determines supply, and thus these breeds are also accepted. With turbo cows, you can see the ribs and the skeleton. They are only and exclusively used for high milk yield. Usually they are discarded at six or seven years old, or even younger. As soon as the cell content of their milk is no longer right, or they simply drop in performance. With the presence of so-called turbo cows on our visitable farms, we would like to point out the inconceivably large sacrifices made by this species. But also to the fact that almost 40 percent of all dairy products are thrown away uneaten. We would like to call for more appreciation of milk. Also that milk is by far not as necessary for our well-being as almost everyone believes. When we found Laura, Resi and Wolga, they were to be slaughtered because they could no longer get pregnant and thus could no longer follow their "destiny". Now they are safe and have become ambassadors for their species. They are a reminder not to take the product "milk" for granted.

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