Parrot Jacko

Yellow-crested Cockatoo

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Parrots and also cockatoos are very proud, intellectual and long-lived animals, which enchant many people with their exoticism and ability. However, it is rarely considered that parrots have a life expectancy of at least 80 years - and that they need conspecifics around them as well as they want to fly. These wonderful animals are often "squeezed" by their owners into a living room, for their entertainment. And if the animal is too noisy or too much work, going to the shelter is not infrequently the next best option. A married couple from Munich made it their business to help exactly these poor feathered friends and founded a sanctuary. In the end, they had to realize that they were not getting any younger! Seeking help, they turned to Gut Aiderbichl and we were allowed to help give Jacko a new home until the natural end of his life.

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