Cattle Maiki


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    Adjuster Frischmann

Maiki was lucky in bad luck. He was born as a bull calf on a farm. After that came a lonely life in the box and soon the slaughterhouse would follow. A walker discovered him. It lived alone in the box and the two became friends. The farmer said that the calf was not suitable for breeding and therefore it should be slaughtered. The animal-loving man could not believe that his friend would not live much longer. He bought him free and now started looking for a stable for "Maiki". Maiki's friend knew that cattle need a stable and a large pasture. Of course, he could not offer him either. But at least little Maiki was now free and did not have to go to the slaughterhouse. He called Gut Aiderbichl. Dieter Ehrengruber heard the story and was happy to do something for him. So he did his part and Maiki was picked up by the Gut Aiderbichl transporter. The journey was to go to Gut Aiderbichl Eslarn.

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