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Questionnaire for adopters and foster carers

Questionnaire for
Adopters and foster homes

Gut Aiderbichl Academy

Dear interested party,

We are very pleased that you are considering giving a dog from animal welfare a new home. In order to help you find the right dog for you, we ask you to fill out the following questionnaire completely and truthfully.
Of course, all data will be carefully managed by us and will not be passed on to third parties.

Thank you very much!!

    Personal data

    Cat related data

    Do you already have a favorite?
    Please select the name of the cat:

    If not - tell us what makes your dream cat
    (age, sex, size, character traits)

    Housing situation

    Where do you live?*

    Live in..*

    Lift available?*

    Are you the owner of the house / apartment or do you have the consent of your landlord to keep a cat?*.

    Is a move planned in the future?*

    More pets



    Other animals

    Professional situation

    Are you employed?*

    How many hours a week do you work?*

    How long does it take you to get to work?*
    (in hours)

    Other questions

    How long would your cat have to stay alone every day?*

    (in hours)

    Do you already have cat experience?*

    Please describe your experience so far.*

    What qualities should not have a cat in any case for you?*

    Have you considered the monthly costs associated with a cat?*
    (Reference value: 70 euros)

    Have you taken into account that there are also one-time costs?*
    (vet, cat accessories)

    Have you taken into account holidays or longer absences?

    Are you ready to support the cat in the acclimatization phase?*
    (taking a vacation, housetraining, leash training)

    Why would you like to have a cat?

    How much time can you devote to the cat?
    (For playing, petting, etc.)

    * Mandatory fields

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    We look forward to seeing you!

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