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It is a good feeling to leave something behind that will outlast your own life

What remains when I leave?

Many animal rescues and educational measures could not be carried out by Gut Aiderbichl if there were not many animal lovers who consider our work and animals in their last will and testament. Regardless of whether they are animal owners themselves. They understand the situation and consequently support the far-reaching efforts of Gut Aiderbichl, whose value-conscious actions they appreciate.

It can neither be overlooked nor suppressed: Animals, whether we call them "farm animals", whether they live indoors or wild and free - they are not safe from our inhumanities and our irrationality. They are abused, enslaved, victimised - at home and globally. But more and more people are noticing and reacting.

The Gut Aiderbichl Foundations

The three charitable foundations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were established by Michael Aufhauser. Dieter Ehrengruber has been in charge of the entire administration of Gut Aiderbichl since 2002 and is a board member of all three foundations. He is assisted by a management team that has contributed for many years to making Gut Aiderbichl what it is today. We provide insight into how we keep animals at all times and work with great success, also to guarantee sustainability, on the future of our Institution.

Our non-profit status guarantees that every inheritance remains free of inheritance tax and is used for the intended purpose. Because the example of the animals is about respect for life in general, so it is also about ourselves and, at Aiderbichl, we attach great importance to the fact that it is not only about large amounts or inheritances, every euro is needed and appreciated. One man, who has been an Aiderbichl supporter for years, regularly donates around 50 cents to us. We don't see this as a touching gesture, but as a mission. This applies to all donations, wills and legacies.

Five good reasons to consider Gut Aiderbichl

1. when animals are in need, we act immediately

When we at Gut Aiderbichl learn of suffering animals or animal owners in need, we take immediate action. Due to our organizational structure and logistics, we are ready to act immediately. Support our operations, so that we can continue to have sufficient professional animal transports, animal experts and caretakers.

2. our work begins where others stop

All animals that we rescue receive a lifelong right to stay on the animal homes of Gut Aiderbichl. Here they are allowed to spend their twilight years in freedom and peace. Support the preservation of our animal homes, so that we can continue to guarantee all rescued animals a species-appropriate
and loving home.

3. we create a better future for all animals

At our Animal Visitor Centres at Gut Aiderbichl, you get to know our animals at eye level, experience their stories and learn that there is a real personality behind every animal. Support us in our long-term goal of changing the consciousness of our society sustainably towards animal welfare.

4. animal welfare begins with each individual

In the academy specially founded by Gut Aiderbichl, we deepen our claim to species-appropriate treatment of animals by passing on our extensive experience. Only with your support we can continue to expand the academy and the transfer of knowledge about the species-appropriate
and housing of animals.

5. we give animals a voice

We bring animal suffering and species extinction to the public's attention. Whenever possible, we point out abuses, take immediate action and try to alleviate the suffering of animals. Presence and attention in the media is associated with a high expenditure of time and research. With your support, we draw attention to suffering animals and thus sensitize people to animal welfare.

Learn how you can contribute through your personal legacy to a world where animals have the same right as all of us: the right to live joyfully.

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