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What happens to my pet when I am no longer there?

Even at a young age, Michael Aufhauser thought that everything could be different tomorrow, that misfortune and death are part of life. He did not have any animal property for a long time, but he already had animals whose future he was worried about if worst came to worst. He was looking for people he could entrust and who would make good use of the money deposited for their care. But he found no one.

When he then founded Gut Aiderbichl and many animals were entrusted to him, he remembered his worries from before. So he created the possibility of animal care and now offers out of conviction to all animal owners what he missed so painfully at that time. They can all make sure in advance that their animals will find a loving home and will be professionally cared for in case of emergency.

The Gut Aiderbichl animal care program

We let ourselves be informed in detail about the habits of the animals in order to make the separation phase from master and mistress gentle for each special case. Our animal carers are trained and experienced, and we guarantee that the funding provided is used for the quality of life of the animals that are handed over to us with confidence. There is absolute transparency about this, which we are also available for in discussions. From the very beginning, it was Michael Aufhauser's goal to treat these animals as if they were his own, for whom he wanted to care at the time. In this sense, animal care will be continued in the future. Prevention is followed by care - with the warmth of home.

Our animals are our companions. Let's make sure that they can continue to live happily even when we can no longer care for them.

Michael Aufhauser, founder of Gut Aiderbichl

Requirements for our animal care

  • Whether with or without an impairment, any animal can be admitted to Animal Care and will be lovingly cared for by our experienced animal caretakers according to your unwavering principles.
  • Gut Aiderbichl is transparent. Bereaved animals are welcome to visit, on our visitable estates daily and on the home estates in the context of sponsor meetings or by appointment in our administration.
  • Basically, if you are the owner of one or more pets, you have taken responsibility for living creatures that are in need of protection. Therefore, precaution is indispensable. Ideally, it takes place in a personal environment, then the possibly stressful reacclimatization for your animals is omitted. If you do not have anyone, the animal care of Gut Aiderbichl is the ideal alternative.

Since all pets live with us almost as if they were privately kept, their care is extremely cost-intensive. In addition to food, treats, vet, cat litter etc., we also have to charge for the salaries of our carers and of course the lovingly furnished accommodation as well as the dog runs and the enclosures for cats and other small animals.

The most important questions about animal care

Which animals can find a home on our farms through animal care?

Our animal welfare community is home to a large number of animal species that feel more than comfortable on our farms. In addition to cats, dogs, birds and horses, there are many other domestic, farm and even wild animals, from alpacas and llamas to donkeys, mules, sheep and goats. Ducks, geese, chickens and turkeys, but also parrots and peacocks and even swans have found a home at Gut Aiderbichl. There are very different types of animals that can enrich a person's life. Please feel free to ask us if you are not sure whether animal care is possible in your case.

Can I determine on which farm my animal will live?

In addition to the three well-known visitable estates in Henndorf, Deggendorf and Iffeldorf, the animal welfare organization Gut Aiderbichl manages a large number of home farms throughout Europe, some of which specialize in one type of animal. For example, in Traisen
in Austria a land hotel, which was converted to a genuine cat paradise. In 2019, the Ballermann Ranch in Lower Saxony became a spacious refuge for many Gut Aiderbichl ponies and horses. We will gladly try to take your wishes into consideration. But you can always be sure that we always and 100% decide for the welfare of your animal.

I have several animals. Are they separated?

When we take in new animals, we always try to take into account their habits. If animals are firmly attached to each other and also have to cope with the loss of their owner, they are not separated at all. If they are animals of the same species, staying together is not a problem at all. But also in case of different animal species, we avoid separation if possible. Also on our farms the most different animals find again and again amicably to each other.

Does my pet have a permanent caregiver?

Animals are clever and sensitive beings. And each one has its very own character, its own personality. This is also the reason why animals usually choose their own caregiver - or care animal. Even if no animal is preferred, the animals form bonds with their caretakers. Our caretakers are mostly long-time employees who care for each of "their" animals as if it were their own. But especially in the case of dogs, it may be possible that the animal prefers a personal individual placement to life on the farms. Such animals are then given a so-called "special care place" by Gut Aiderbichl with a human being who will take care of the animal from then on. However, the animal remains under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl.

When the time comes: How will Gut Aiderbichl be informed?

If you have concluded an animal care contract with Gut Aiderbichl, you will receive two so-called "emergency cards" from us. The larger one should be placed in good visibility in your home, ideally in your entrance area. You carry the other one handy in your wallet. On these cards, in addition to the name of your animal and the emergency numbers of Gut Aiderbichl Animal Care, it is written large and clearly that the animal is under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl and may not be taken to an animal shelter under any circumstances. We guarantee to pick up the animal within 24 hours.

How much does animal care from Gut Aiderbichl cost?

The costs of animal care are based on daily rates that we have set based on our years of experience. These calculations include the loving care of our animal care team, species-appropriate housing, expert supervision by our veterinarians and high-quality food. You will receive more detailed information in a personal conversation with Mrs. Holde Sudenn.

Ms Holde Sudenn:

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