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When Michael Aufhauser founded Gut Aiderbichl as a meeting place for humans and animals, his vision was to give animals a better future. As a result, Gut Aiderbichl developed into the largest sanctuary association in Europe and became known for its commitment to animal welfare. However, not every animal can be helped by taking it in, "we have to fight their triggers: the ignorance and callousness of people," Michael Aufhauser knew from the very beginning. Therefore, the purpose of the Gut Aiderbichl Foundation is to promote the general public in the field of animal welfare in a spiritual, cultural, ethical, but also in a material way. The Gut Aiderbichl Academy was established to continuously implement this vision.

The constant cycle of knowledge expansion, knowledge application and knowledge transfer is the basis of the Gut Aiderbichl Academy.

Knowledge transfer

An educational programme in the animal sector for children, young people and adults has been a long-held dream of Gut Aiderbichl founder Michael Aufhauser. With the newly founded Gut Aiderbichl Academy in Henndorf near Salzburg, we are now making this dream come true!

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Knowledge development

Through the cooperation with the Sandgrueb Foundation, Vet. Med. University Vienna and the Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich, we expand our knowledge through joint research projects. The goal is to maintain and improve the quality of life of the animals.

Knowledge deployment

The latest research results, such as parasite monitoring, are being implemented very successfully.

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