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The Gut Aiderbichl Academy is a place where knowledge, competence, love for animals, sustainability and the transmission of values are bundled and passed on in the interests of the animals. The aim is to create a future in which animals are respected in their living environment as fellow creatures and part of our society. Humans, animals and nature benefit equally from this. The aim of the Gut Aiderbichl Academy is therefore to build bridges between animals and humans through the transfer of knowledge, in order to promote a respectful and competent treatment of animals and a harmonious human-animal relationship based on appreciation and trust.

The Academy is a platform for the development of innovative solutions to animal welfare challenges. We explain backgrounds in order to sensitize people to new findings and thereby stimulate reflection and rethinking. Educational programmes for children, young people and adults focus in particular on animal husbandry, care, psychology and ethics. Due to the many animal fates, Gut Aiderbichl is the ideal teaching facility for practical, sustainable development for all generations.

We see graduates of the Gut Aiderbichl Academy as animals ambassadors and multipliers of our philosophy. Therefore, as an educational institution, we place great value on successful learning. Graduates should experience an increase in competencies and heart formation regardless of their previous experiences. Through regular evaluation, the positive learning outcome is guaranteed and continuously improved.

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Cooperation partners in the field of education

Animal care school at the Vetmeduni Vienna

Since November 2018, there has been a new educational cooperation between Gut Aiderbichl and the Animal Care School at the Vetmeduni Vienna.

At the beginning of August 2018, a landmark meeting took place between Aiderbichl Managing Director Dieter Ehrengruber and Professor Dr. Yves Moens, Director of the Animal Care School at Vetmeduni Vienna. One reason for Prof. Moens' visit was that the animal care school has developed a new curriculum in which animal welfare and the human-animal relationship are important focal points.

In the course of the day spent together, after intensive discussions and a highly interesting guided tour by animal keeper Martina Neureiter, it was clear to both that Gut Aiderbichl and the animal care school have many things in common. Prof. Moens was impressed by the professional animal care. Prof. Moens: "In particular, the attentive effort that Gut Aiderbichl devotes to old and chronically ill animal residents serves as a model for other animal husbandries. This can help us find new evaluation criteria for assessing the quality of life of animals in human care!"

It quickly became clear that Gut Aiderbichl and the animal care school have many common concerns and that both organisations are committed to the welfare and protection of our fellow creatures. Aiderbichl Managing Director Dieter Ehrengruber: "Gut Aiderbichl has already rescued thousands of animals from the greatest distress and is valued and known as an expert for the concerns of animals. We explain backgrounds and make our knowledge available. Only in this, we see the chance that something will change sustainably for the benefit of the animals and that people will think and rethink about how to treat the weaker ones."

Aiderbichl Managing Director Dieter Ehrengruber and Prof. Moens agreed to work together in the future on animal welfare and education. The aim is to strengthen and deepen awareness of animal welfare in our society and, in particular, to make animal welfare a central educational goal in animal care training.

As part of the new educational cooperation, animal caretakers from Gut Aiderbichl, among others, will participate in lectures, workshops and seminars given by experts from the animal care school and selected students from this school will do their internships on Gut Aiderbichl's estates. Gut Aiderbichl will also support future educational projects of the animal care school.
The cooperation with the Gut Aiderbichl Academy is very important. For example, an annual prize for outstanding achievements in animal welfare is awarded to the graduates of the animal care school together with the academy.

The cooperation between Gut Aiderbichl and the animal care school is a further step towards passing on our values and visions to the people and permanently preserving what has been created so far.

The veterinary school at the Vetmeduni Vienna

The animal care school is a three-year, general education private school with public rights for young people from the age of 15. It is the only training institution in Austria to offer a modular curriculum as a full-time school, in order to enable students to specialise in their field. Starting in the third year of training, the young animal keepers-to-be can choose between three specialisation modules (zoo/research/animal hospital) for their preferred professional field and thus prepare themselves optimally for the animal care profession. Animal welfare and the respectful treatment of animals are important aspects of the training concept.

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Animal Care School at the Vetmeduni Vienna
Veterinärplatz 1, 1210 Vienna
Phone: +43 1 25077 3750
Email: tierpflegeschule@vetmeduni.ac.at

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