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Spanish Galgo dogs tortured to death

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Galgos, but also other hunting dogs such as podencos, live in the worst conditions in Spain! The Galgo Español is the euphonious name of the Spanish greyhounds whose ownership was reserved for kings in ancient times. Today, their lives are a living hell from day one: The weakest of a litter are immediately disposed of. They will never be fast enough for the dangerous hunts for which they are used for mere entertainment. Those who clear this hurdle are trained to maximum speed, which can be up to 70 km/h for Galgos. Up to 15 dogs are tethered to a motorcycle or car and have to run after it. Regardless of losses. If an animal falls or is not fast enough, this means its death sentence. The Galgos' "career" then begins, in which they literally run for their lives. Those who fail to perform are punished with an agonizing death. This is because the dogs are made to feel for as long as possible that they have disappointed their owners: Starvation, hanging, drowning - the practices cannot be surpassed in cruelty!


Pictures from hell: The suffering of the Galgos unpixelated

Warning! Extreme cruelty: Please only continue clicking if you are sure you can bear it.

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Gut Aiderbichl does not look away!

In cooperation with the Sighthound Network and Animal Welfare Spain, who are working on the ground, we are drawing attention to the catastrophic truth and want to save as many dogs as possible! After the hunting season, countless hunting dogs, such as the Galgos, face a cruel death. They are burned alive or doused with acid. Only with your help can we publicize the suffering of the galgos and bring the animals to safety!

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