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Gut Aiderbichl, with its foundations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, stands for active and solution-oriented animal welfare throughout Europe. The focus of our work lies in the rescue of distressed animals and the species-appropriate, permanent housing on our animal homes. Over 6,000 animals, in six European countries, live on our farms today. At our Animal Visitor Centres in Henndorf near Salzburg in Austria, in Deggendorf near Passau and Iffeldorf near Munich in Germany, we bring people and animals together at eye level and thus create a new awareness for living creatures. We make animal welfare tangible.

Only thanks to your support, we can help animals in need and give them a forever-home on our farms. Whether with a sponsorship or with a one-off donation - we are happy about every support, because every helping hand counts for animals in need.

We thank you, in the name of our animals, from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

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Achieving great things together

Animal Care

What happens to my pet when I am no longer around? Many pet owners ask themselves this question. Our animal care enables pet owners to keep their own animal on our farms in a loving and species-appropriate manner.

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Last Will & Gifts

Many animal rescues and educational measures could not be carried out by Gut Aiderbichl if there were not many animal lovers who consider our work and animals in their last will.

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"Animals are our life. And with your support, we can achieve great things."

Dieter Ehrengruber
Chairman of the Foundation and Managing Director of Gut Aiderbichl

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