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The sentence "When animal love becomes animal torture" is often read when the media report on the phenomenon of "animal hoarding". This is an obsessive-compulsive disorder or mental illness to collect animals. The proper understanding of animal hoarding is missing here, the only thing the affected patients believe: "My animals are fine and only I can take good care of them." When we were called to a house in Upper Austria at the end of March 2019, we had no idea what to expect. On the spot, 15 to 20 completely filthy dogs barked at us from the door. There were many more in the house, including a cat that had to eke out an existence in the house. An agreement was made with the veterinarian to hand over 30 dogs. And even though the residents refused to let us into the house, they were cooperative and handed us the dogs out of the house. A few days later, we were given the opportunity to take the remaining 38 dogs out of the house and place them at Gut Aiderbichl Maria Schmolln. It took a lot of time, patience, love and above all financial means to give each dog the medical care it needed. They all went through a terrible trauma, survived an unbelievable fate and still did not lose their trust and unconditional love in humans. In the meantime, all the dogs, including Keks, have found their people, but they are still under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl and have the right to return home at any time.

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