Cattle Lieni


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    Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

On the 24th of December around noon, the phone rang at the Henndorf head office. An excited animal welfare activist was on the other end of the line and described the story of a runaway cow. Action had to be taken quickly to prevent her from ending up at the slaughterhouse on Christmas Eve... But now back to the beginning of the story: Lienni had run away from the slaughterhouse and was running for her life. She didn't know where to go, she didn't know how far, she just ran. She had probably already sensed what the day would mean for her... She came to a halt in a large meadow near a village inn. There was also a fence here. And just on the other side of the fence stood Lieni's rescuer, the lady who could not believe that another cow was to be slaughtered on Christmas Eve. She acted quickly and called us directly. She also didn't move from the spot, so as not to expose the nervous Lienni to any more danger.

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