Sheep Lisa

Black-nosed sheep

  • Colour:
    White/Black Face
  • Gender:
  • Star sign:
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  • Location:
    Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

The black-nosed sheep are native to the Swiss Valais and are still closely related to the wild form of the primitive sheep. They owe their name to a black fur area on the nose, eyes and ears as well as on the knees, hocks and feet. Their character is trusting, undemanding and affectionate. They recognize their shepherd from afar and approach him. However, other sheep breeds had long since been genetically optimized for profit, for more meat and wool yield, so that the very original black-nosed sheep were severely threatened with extinction in the 1960s. But enthusiasts and hobby breeders ensured their continued existence. In the meantime, these sheep enjoy great popularity as part of Valais traditions. For example, an animal lover in the Salzburg region also kept five specimens of this extraordinary breed of sheep. However, due to a renovation and the associated move, he was no longer able to care for the five sheep. There was also no one in the family who could take care of them. So the animal lover turned to us and asked for help. He knew that we are committed to old breeds of farm animals that are threatened with extinction, and so Lisa, Isolde, Lotta and Inspector Gadget finally found a home with us in Henndorf, which they will never have to leave again.

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