Pig Momo

Mini pig

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    GA Iffeldorf

Momo was rescued from her predicament by animal lovers. Locked up by her owners in the kitchen, she was supposed to spend her life there. These people were obviously not aware that pigs can live up to 15 years. The animal lovers took Momo home, but they could not take care of the pot-bellied pig in the long run. Seeking help, they turned to us and Momo was allowed to become part of our family. One beautiful day in April we could not believe our eyes. There were three little piglets with Momo. The culprit was quickly identified: Boar Dennis, who moved into Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf in December 2019. Apparently he had hatching testicles, which meant that no one noticed that he was still capable of procreation when he was taken in. And Dennis can in no way deny the resemblance to his children. But a small shadow was cast over the young family happiness. Little Hope, the sister of Leo and Leonie, was too weak and despite all efforts she passed peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge. We lost the fight for her young life. This is also part of our work. We are responsible for life and in doing so we always encounter death. We do our utmost to offer our rescued animals a life in dignity and always experience the moment when we have to say goodbye. We wish Leo and Leonie, as well as mum Momo, a long and beautiful life and will do everything necessary to make sure they want for nothing.

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