Cat Raphael

European Shorthair

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    Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf

The fact that little Raphael is still alive is thanks to animal friends who looked and acted. Very close to our Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf, someone had noticed the little kitten, which was apparently on its own. Again and again the cat came in front of the animal friends' house, but apparently it did not belong to anyone. Concerned, they observed the situation, because the kitten was still very small, probably only a few weeks old. Thus much too young, in order to survive independently. Without further ado, they contacted us and asked for help. Their concern was too great that the kitten could starve to death or even be hit by a car. But when the animal friends then wanted to make their way to us at Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf, the kitten had suddenly disappeared. Maybe someone had found him? The animal lovers could not quite let go of this experience. Where had the kitten gone? But a few days later, the kitten was again sitting in front of their door and they managed to catch it. After a short time, Raphael, as we christened the cat, who was only a few weeks old, arrived at Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf. After an initial examination at the vet, he was able to move in with us for good and will now never be in danger again. When he will be big enough, Raphael will move to our big cat villa, where he can enjoy life.

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