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    Romania - Puchenii Mari
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Date of Birth: 10/30/2021 Shoulder Height: 50cm+ Weight: 17-22kg Female Shea and her seven siblings came to us at the shelter when they were 12 weeks old. The little pups were found on a large abandoned lot in a neighboring town without a mother. They were running around and were not happy about our attempts to help them. All eight puppies tried to escape the unwanted contact by biting and snapping. Since they would have had very little chance of survival without the protection of their mother, we naturally brought them to us anyway. After initial difficulties, the little pelt-noses have settled in well with us. We spend time with them every day and most of the puppies are making great progress. In contrast to her siblings, Shea is still very shy and reserved. After some time it was clear to us that we had to take Shea out of the group of her siblings in order to be able to work intensively with her. Now she lives with our co-worker Tobias and has there even more connection and contact. For Shea we are looking for a very experienced home that will give her a chance for a happy life without time pressure and with lots of love. Shea is vaccinated, dewormed and chipped and travels with a valid EU pet passport after a veterinary exit check. We sincerely hope she finds a new loving home soon! If you are interested, please contact us by mail:

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