Rabbit Simba


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    Returned to former owner

When our horse manager Antonio came to the estate in the morning last week, he noticed a blue plastic bag at the entrance. As he got closer, he saw an envelope lying on top with "Gut Aiderbichl" painted on it with a heart. Cautiously, Antonio looked. Inside the bag was a plastic cage - contents: two little rabbits! He immediately took the rabbits to the estate so that they would be safe for the time being. Martina, the horsekeeper, looked in dismay at the two new arrivals, who still had surgical stitches on their bodies from castration. The farewell letter that lay with the rabbits said that both had been castrated on 21.06. and should now get a better home than in a garage. Of course we always take care of these abandoned animals, even if these shots throw our planning off track. In addition, rescuing abandoned animals means additional effort and costs, not to mention the stress for the abandoned animals. We take lasting responsibility for living creatures that for some reason suddenly have to go. But aren't the pet owners responsible here? Whenever an 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude takes hold, life becomes worth less, and not only at holiday time, and not only in relation to animals.

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