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2022-06-30 Autohaus Höller Animal Sponsorship
30 June 2022 - The Höller car dealership concludes an animal sponsorship deal

Gut Aiderbichl now also offers corporate sponsorships. This allows companies from all over Austria to make their commitment to animal welfare visible and tangible. In addition, they can make a contribution to animals in need.

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2022-06-23 Salzburg24_Cat Elektra
23 June 2022

Salzburg24 - Refugee cat gives birth to babies in Salzburg

Together with her two cats, a Ukrainian woman fled her home and sought shelter in Salzburg. Here, cat "Elektra" gave birth to three kittens who are looking for a home with animal friends.

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8 June 2022

Passauer Neue Presse - With penguins in Cape Town

In the latest season of "Mein Job - Dein Job" on Bavarian television, in which the actors swap jobs, Deggendorfer can also be seen. Two people from Bavaria take on the unusual task in each episode. The first episode starts on 11 July with the animal keepers Steffi and Jessy from Gut Aiderbichl.

7 June 2022

Rosenheimer Journal - Schnütchen - A pony with a handicap conquers the world

A brightly coloured children's book with hearty illustrations and graphics by Linda Finkenflügel from Großkarolinenfeld he counts an exciting animal adventure about being different, about courage, friendship and tolerance.

The whole report is of course also available ONLINE (page 44 - 45)

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