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Forgotten Souls.

The victims of the war need your help now!

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Traumatized, wounded and emaciated dogs and cats: When we were in the

deserted Dobropillia, we see the destructive scale of the war.

These animals must not be abandoned!


Please help with your essential donation,

so that the 123 animals rescued from the war can find their way back to life.

Every contribution counts! Help now!

We immediately set out on the road

Residents in Donetsk, near the front lines, received an evacuation notice in September 2022. An animal rescuer from the town of Dobropillia tried to take care of 94 dogs and 29 cats under these difficult conditions. She did not want to leave the animals alone, leaving them to certain death.

In a first rescue operation by Gut Aiderbichl in mid-September, 45 dogs and 10 cats could already be brought from Ukraine to Germany. The aid mission was extremely risky. Gut Aiderbichl employees drove to the animal shelter in Dobropillia together with the organization "Breaking the chains". Together with shelter owner Tatjana, the animals were loaded and brought across the border. In order to provide the best possible care for the animals, Gut Aiderbichl has rented and completely renovated an empty animal shelter in Bissendorf near Osnabrück. After a journey of several days, the exhausted animals were able to receive initial care in Osnabrück.

No animal is left behind

Due to official problems in Ukraine, it was unfortunately not possible to take all animals with us during our first emergency evacuation in mid-September. 68 animals had to stay behind in Donetsk. For the animal rescuers of Gut Aiderbichl it is an obligation to save all animals. No animal will be left behind!

In mid-October, all the necessary documents were gathered and the courageous animal rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl were able to set off on their second journey. Under the most difficult conditions, the Gut Aiderbichl staff now managed to bring the remaining animals to safety. They were given initial care in the specially rented animal shelter in Osnabrück, where they can recover from their exertions.

All of the 123 rescued animals were exposed to great psychological stress, are partly traumatized and need urgent medical care.

Enable the animals to live in peace. Support us with your donation.

Latest videos

of our Ukraine aid missions

It's done!

The relief is great! The risky relief mission to Dobropillia, near the front line, has come to a good end. All 123 animals could be rescued from Ukraine. The animals are now being cared for in the rescue center in Osnabrück. With their care, we took over a big financial responsibility.

Reunion joy

After a risky journey through Ukraine, our employees are now on site in Dobropillia for the second time. The joy for the reunion is great! Finally, the remaining 68 animals can be loaded. Other animal rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl are already waiting in the next largest town to bring the animals across the border and thus to safety.

On the road again

Second emergency evacuation from Ukraine

Our brave animal rescuers have left for their second trip to Ukraine. The fight continues and time is running out. In the embattled area near Donetsk, 68 animals are still waiting to be rescued. Unfortunately, due to regulatory problems in Ukraine, it was not possible to take all the animals with us on our first emergency evacuation in September. But our rescuers are not giving up. No animal will be left behind! Therefore, our staff has been on the road again for hours to rescue the remaining animals from Ukraine.

Finally arrived

But it is not over yet

We have made it! After days of driving under the most difficult conditions, our animal rescuers have finally arrived at our rescue center in Osnabrück. The rescuers, as well as the 45 dogs and 10 cats, are visibly relieved to have survived the journey safely. But the relief is not of long duration. Due to official problems in Ukraine, it was unfortunately not possible for us to take all the animals with us. 70 of them are still waiting in Donetsk for their rescue! We do not leave any animals behind and therefore we are already planning the next trip to Ukraine. Time is running out and we will not give up until we have brought all 125 animals to safety.

Arrival at the shelter

and then the shock

After a tedious and hours-long drive, our animal rescuers have finally found a way to the animals in Ukraine. They are loading the animals and now the shock: Due to official problems we can not take all of them. It breaks our hearts - but we are not giving up and are planning another trip. In the meantime, our animal rescuers are on their way to leave the war zone with 45 dogs and 10 cats.

Terrible pictures

from Ukraine

While our animal rescuers are on their way to the shelter in Ukraine, more and more terrible pictures of the animal suffering on site reach us. The situation is getting more and more dramatic. We hope that we will still arrive there in time!

Ride of our animal rescuers

through Ukraine

Our animal rescuers have been on the road for hours, desperately trying to find a way to the animal rescuer Tatjana with her over 100 dogs and cats in the embattled Donetsk region. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks and the roads are partly in very bad condition. But we are not giving up and are confident to find a way! We will report again as soon as we finally reach Tatjana and her animals!

Dramatic call for help


We received a desperate call for help from an animal rescuer in the embattled Donetsk region. She takes care of over 100 dogs and cats there. Now the whole area is to be evacuated. But she cannot and will not leave the animals to their fate. Gut Aiderbichl is her last hope!
We can't look the other way and we're on our way right now!

Look not look away - Gut Aiderbichl provides unbureaucratic and fast help on site.

Dieter Ehrengruber, Board of Trustees Gut Aiderbichl

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