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Lockdown again

Your donation is urgently needed!

Dear Aiderbichler,

All of us here at Gut Aiderbichl are deeply disappointed: For the third time we have to close the gates! We - and our animals - will no longer be allowed to receive visitors in Henndorffrom Monday 22.11.2021. Unfortunately, the animal protection community in Deggendorf will follow suit from Wednesday 24.11.2021, and from now on this Animal Visitor Centre in Bavaria will also be temporarily closed. Since 02.12.2021, due to the high corona numbers in the district of Weilheim-Schongau, our third estate in Iffeldorf must also close. The closure was not initiated by us, but is a government decision in response to the high Corona infection figures in Austria and Bavaria. We have to comply, but it is tough. For the third time, there will be silence here on the estate - and for the second time, our Christmas market will also be cancelled. What this means for our animals is dramatic, because the annual Christmas market is one of our main sources of income for the animals. All of us here on the estate, all of our dedicated staff, our animal keepers, have been working day and night to set up the Aiderbichler Christmas Market. We wanted so much to share the wonderful atmosphere here with you! Unfortunately, our worst fears have come true: Our donkeys, goats and horses, all animals that are so attached to people, are now spending the Advent season all alone without guests. And we can tell the animals are missing something then. They are irritated when it is deserted. No visitors, no children's laughter and no Christmas market that should benefit the animals, everything fails.

We are therefore worried about the future, because without help, donations, entrance fees, sponsorships, without Christmas sales, it will be hard. We are aware of how hard the Corona-related restrictions can hit each individual. However, we hope that you will not forget the animals above all these worries. As the last in a chain of decisions and failures, the animals have always been the ones to suffer. This must not be allowed to happen!

We Aiderbichler stand by our animals unconditionally. Please help us! Every donation is a gift for the animals! If you donate, you not only give the animals but also yourself a piece of joy of life. Let's do it together, together for the animals.


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