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Our commitment
for Galgos

Prevent animal suffering!

Project: Our commitment to galgos

The Galgo Español is exploited and tortured by humans more than almost any other dog breed in the world. The sole purpose of the fast greyhounds is to win in chases. If they lose, they are punished - in an unimaginably cruel way! Every year in Spain alone, tens of thousands of hunting dogs such as Galgos, but also Podencos, are killed in agony. This all happens in the middle of Europe, but hardly anyone knows about it. We want to change this and draw attention to the fate of hunting dogs from Spain. This is the only way to end animal suffering!

Our project at a glance

Our commitment to Galgos


  • Galgos are used for hunting.
  • The losers of such competitions are kept under the most adverse conditions, tortured and ultimately often disposed of like garbage.
  • All this is happening in the middle of Europe, but hardly anyone knows about it



  • Rescue of Galgos and placement in animal-loving households.
  • Gut Aiderbichl wants to give the animals a voice: The aim is to draw attention to the unimaginable suffering of the galgos.
  • Only if the abuses become public can something change in politics and legislation for the benefit of the galgos.

Our work:


  • Rescue and take in as many galgos as possible
  • Educational work on site in Spain
  • Increased public relations work to bring the topic into focus

Photos: ©Tierschutz Spanien e.V. and Sighthound Network

Current status of our project

Gut Aiderbichl on site in Spain

The terrible situation of Galgos and Podencos in Spain leaves us no peace! Together with Tierschutz Spanien e.V ., we went to Spain to see for ourselves. From the end of the hunting season, masses of dogs unfit for hunting are handed over to killing stations, abandoned or brutally killed. Many of them end up injured, traumatized and emaciated in Spain's overcrowded animal shelters.

We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of rescuing as many dogs as possible from Spain and giving them the love and care they deserve at Gut Aiderbichl!

Once again, we have come a little closer to our goal. We have already been able to take two Galgos with us - more will follow! Every step, however small it may seem, counts in the fight against the exploitation of Spanish hunting dogs!

"We have to do something!" (Klaus Spielbüchler, director of Gut Aiderbichl Osnabrück)

The ordeal of the Galgos

The lives of Galgos are usually short and cruel. They are bred to excel in top-class sport. They are used for hunting, mainly for hare coursing. During the hunting season from October to January, those that the owners expect to make a profit are often treated like stars. The weakest of the litter are disposed of immediately. They would be too expensive to rear.

The potential winners often face barbaric training. A Galgo can reach speeds of around 65 km/h. Tethered to cars, trucks or other vehicles, the dogs are forced to perform at top speed. Regardless of losses. Only the strongest animals become part of the brutal chases. The owners often hope for great things from the animals. If they fail, they are punished all the more severely!

Dogs that have disappointed in the hunt face unbelievable torment. They are put into garbage bags, thrown alive into water, or starve to death with hundreds of other dogs in dark, windowless bunkers. Even more brutal are methods in which galgos are doused with acid or subjected to the "piano game of the galgos", a brutal form of hanging. Sadistic dog owners hang their animals so that their paws just touch the ground. The dogs fight desperately to survive and die a slow and unimaginably cruel death.

The animal welfare law in Spain

All of this is happening in Europe. But hardly anyone knows about it. Spain is currently the only EU country where hunting galgos is still legal. On March 16, 2023, the Spanish Congress in Madrid passed a new animal welfare law. It is the first national animal welfare law, applies to the whole of Spain and takes precedence over regional animal welfare laws. However, galgos, among others, are exempt from this law. This is because they are considered by law to be "hunting and working dogs" and therefore farm animals. The incredible thing is that if a hunter uses a Yorkshire and a Galgo for hunting, but keeps the Yorkshire as a pet, he must take out insurance for the Yorkshire, but not for the Galgo.

The new law makes it almost impossible to report mistreatment, poor husbandry or inadequate care to the police or to obtain appropriate penalties! The brutal mistreatment of galgos therefore remains without legal consequences.

The strong and powerful hunting lobby in Spain is problematic, and the exemption of galgos from the new animal protection law can be traced back to their voice. In order to counter this strong lobby, many associations are now working together to protect galgos.

Gut Aiderbichl, together with the Windhund-Netzwerk e.V. Tierschutzverein Silencio e.V., and Tierschutz Spanien e.V., Gut Aiderbichl would also like to set an example for animal welfare.

Goal: to give as many animals as possible a second chance

Gut Aiderbichl is also planning to take in as many galgos as possible from Spain and give them a new home at Gut Aiderbichl or place them with people who love animals. Even if this only seems like a "drop in the ocean" - the life of every single galgo is worth saving!

"Only if we give the galgos a strong, public voice can this animal suffering be prevented in future!"

Our commitment:

1st Viennese Galgo March

On 01 FEBRUARY 2025 the first Galgo March will take place in Osnabrück (DE). Gut Aiderbichl will be there! Support us with your participation!

  • Where? Galgo march in Osnabrück
  • When? Saturday, the 01.02.2025
  • Details follow

Become part of the movement and stand up for the protection of galgos! 

(Photo: Karl Pfleging)

Good and bad news

The first Galgos and Podencos at Gut Aiderbichl

There is relief and joy at Gut Aiderbichl: the first rescued Galgos and Podencos have arrived from Spain! They are still looking out of the vehicle, terrified. They do not yet know that they have finally arrived safely at Gut Aiderbichl. Here they are given a tender welcome, because now it's time to give these dogs a real home!

And yet we don't forget for a second: countless Galgos and Podencos are still suffering the cruellest agony at this very moment. We must not abandon them!



Marching against animal suffering

Galgo march on 27.01.2024

We were on site in Cologne on 27.01.2024 and joined the largest Galgo march in Germany. together we want to send a strong signal against animal suffering and for the protection of Galgos!

Photos Galgo March: © Karl Pfleging

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