Emergency aid Ukraine

The animal rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl in action

The suffering in Ukraine is dramatic - both for the people who have fled and for their animals. Numerous animals have been left behind out of necessity or can no longer be cared for. Heartbreaking cries for help have reached us. As often as possible, the animal rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl make their way to the Ukrainian border. Fully loaded with animal food, medicines and supplies, they provide immediate aid and are committed to helping the families with their animals in their time of need. Below you will find recent videos of the animal rescuers and the animal rescue operation.
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Current videos

of our Ukraine aid mission

Once again in Ukraine

Fully loaded with food and material donations, we set off again for Ukraine. Unfortunately, we were not able to take the aid directly to the animal welfare organisation in Mykolaiv as planned, because the roads were closed due to bombardments. Thanks to the help of a bus driver, however, all the food and material donations finally reached the animal welfare activist in Mykolayiv, who in turn was able to distribute them to animal shelters and needy private individuals and their animals. It is moving to see what is possible when we all stand together to protect the animals.

At Gut Aiderbichl

The Ukrainian families with over 40 animals have finally arrived at Gut Aiderbichl. Now they can recover a little from their traumatic experiences and the dogs can romp around in the large dog run that was built for them and leave the stress behind them. Even though we have helped the Ukrainian families and their animals out of their predicament, they still have the sad fate of having lost their home and having to leave the men behind in the war zone. This fate is shared by many other people and animals. We are trying to help as many as possible and urgently need your support!


In the early hours of the morning, our animal rescuers met the Ukrainian family and their animals. The relief about the assurance of accommodation at the Schroffner estate of Gut Aiderbichl (in Henndorf near Salzburg) was palpable. However, the group still has a long journey ahead of them. They will make a stopover in Hungary to recover a little from their exertions.
In the meantime, the work in Henndorf is in full swing: the accommodation is being prepared for the family of 8 and a large run is being built for the numerous dogs.

Late in the evening

at the border

Our animal rescuers are still at the Ukrainian border waiting for the family. Previously, they delivered over 1500 kg of dog food to the local animal shelter. We very much hope that the family will be able to cross the border safely with their animals.
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on the border with Ukraine

Our animal rescuers are in Siret in the border area and are providing help on the spot. In the meantime, they have made contact with a group that is currently fleeing with their animals across the border to Romania. The family does not have the heart to leave their animals behind in the war zone, but would also like to bring their four-legged friends to safety. The animal rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl are helping! We will keep you up to date!


Direction Ukraine

The animal rescuers from Gut Aiderbichl in action. On Friday, the animal rescuers set off for the Ukrainian border. Fully loaded with dog food and first aid kits, they have an important mission: to help the people and animals who are in need because of the war.

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Dieter Ehrengruber, Board of Trustees Gut Aiderbichl

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