Wendy and Candy

A new home for two lovely horse girls...

There was no way back

The wife was able to feed and muck out, but every day she was worried about doing something wrong. And on top of that, there was the worry about the sick husband.

If she had had to put a halter on the horses, this would have failed because she simply did not know how to do it. More and more she realised what a great job her husband had done with the horses. Due to illness, her husband was at the end of his tether and slowly his life candle ran out. He passed away and fate took its course...

"...I don't want to part with the girls, but the love and care for them shows me that the only right way is a new home..."

The family has made an animal sponsorship for chestnut Vulpi, who lives in Gänserndorf and did not think twice about contacting Dieter Ehrengruber about taking over the horses. The sad story could now end well for the bereaved wife after all by taking in Wendy and Candy.

"...It is incredibly reassuring for me to know that my girls are in good hands for the rest of their lives..." - accompanied by these words, the two horses climbed into the horse transporter from Gut Aiderbichl.

All the animals welcomed Wendy and Candy in Henndorf

The donkeys, the ponies and the goats - all came to greet them. Wendy and Candy are still nervous, especially Candy, the pony mare. Wendy, the Haflinger mare, is 16 years old and a beauty. Unfortunately, she is prone to laminitis and her character is rather dominant and proud. This may help her get over the loss of her late owner and that she now lives with the pony in a new home. Wendy's big, dreamy eyes are now looking very closely at her new surroundings.

Candy turns 16 this year and has been owned by the couple for the past three years. Actually, Candy was supposed to be a gift for their granddaughter, but unfortunately she is basically afraid of animals. Candy could certainly have helped her to lose the fear with time. Never want to touch Candy with your hands on her face. She generally does not like fast movements and it is suspected that she has had experience with the whip more often. So it was probably very good that she got a new owner three years ago.

The widow spent a lot of time with Candy and by the end she knew quite well what the pony liked and what made her nervous. They had become friends.

The beauty is...

that Wendy and Candy are not forgotten in the hearts of the family and that they can also be visited at any time. The two have also already found a very special friend at Gut Aiderbichl: Foal David. It seems that Wendy and Candy know very well that David has also recently lost an important person in his life, namely his mother.

May time heal all wounds and the sadness over the summer fade away. We will keep you posted on how the friendship between Wendy, Candy & David continues.

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