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Kitten Blinki was dumped on the streets

And found a new home at Gut Aiderbichl

Little Blinki, a young, helpless cat, was rescued out of a very miserable situation.  An animal loving Aiderbichl supporter had to take actions, since the 14-week-old kitten was abandoned on a very busy street. The cat had just been thrown out of a moving car. The quick response of the animal loving woman saved Bliniks life.

A dog-owner herself, the animal loving woman could not provide Blinki with a permanent home. Neither could her family environment. Therefore a different solution had to be found. Since she had been visiting Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf recently- still the impressions of the manorial cat living room in her mind – she called there to ask for help. Fortunately Gut Aiderbichl had the capacity to take Blinki in. After concluding a medical check-up at the clinic in Starnberg, Blinki was set to move to her new permanent home – Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf. Blessed with a cheeky and adventurous nature she brings new life to the cat family in Iffeldorf.


At the beginning of the holiday season many people can’t wait for their well earned vacation. Most destinations have one thing in common: they are far away from home. For some pets this is the beginning of a sad and tragic period of time. In Germany 70.000 animals are abandoned during holiday season – every year. Some of them are rescued – just as Blinki – some not. Regarding German legislation abandoning an animal is a crime, which can be fined up to 25.000 Euro. In Austria the fines are in between 7.500 Euro and 15.000 Euro.


Gut Aiderbichl helps to provide abandoned animals with a safe and loving home. Please support our work with a symbolic sponsorship or a donation. Just with your help we can keep up our good work. Thank you.

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