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A pigs life

Wild hog Basti enjoys his freedom


On a spring morning in the year of 2007 gunshots ruptured the silence of the still young day. The shoots have been fired in the forest close to a romantic castle in Waldviertel, a district in Lower Austria. A boar mother and her babies fell victim to these shots. Only a small, frightened boy managed to escape from the forest. Terrified to lose his still young life and full of grief from the loss of his family the three weeks old wild hog looked for shelter in the near-by castle.


Maid Sylvia, the heart and soul of the castle, found the terrified wild hog boy. In accordance with the owner of the castle Miss Sylvia – a dedicated Aiderbichl supporter - took a decision: Wild hog Basti was provided shelter in the castle. With a lot of lot of love and affection, Sylvia won over the heart of the young wild hog in no time.

Unfortunately, all love and kindness could not substitute the interaction with its own species for Basti. Therefore a solution had to be found.

A short time after Miss Sylvias request Gut Aiderbichl was happy to welcome Basti in Henndorf.

Since the year of 2007 the impressive wild hog Basti enjoys his new life in Henndorf together with wild boar Reni. In a generous and species-appropriate enclosure, both of them can enjoy their lives every day.

With wild boar Reni Basti has found its needed companion, partner and friend.

Nevertheless, a special place in Bastis heart will always be reserved for his rescuer Sylvia.

Without her support, the happy end at Gut Aiderbichl would not have been possible.


Unfortunately, such tragic stories as those of our wild boar Basti, are not isolated cases. Even our little pony Chris, who lost his mother with only 5 days would have had no chance of survival without human help. Thanks to you, dear Aiderbichler and animal lovers, we can give animals in distress a safe and loving home.

6,000 rescued animals now live under the life-long protection of Gut Aiderbichl. Please continue to support us with a symbolic sponsorship or a donation. Thank‘s a lot!

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