Blind Ludwig

Blind Ludwig

An animal-loving lady found Ludwig, a newcomer, wandering around on the side of the road. His eyes were badly inflamed and ulcerated and the vet suspected that little Ludwig was blind.

Ludwig got a great home, in an organisation that helps young people find courage and confidence in life. The children and young people learn that animals and nature are important to regain lost confidence and give them courage to dare to take a new path in life.
At six months old, Ludwig was at an age where he himself was still carefree. He patiently had his eyes treated with ointment and had enough exercise. The carers had the impression that the infection in his eyes had healed.

From now on, Ludwig's nature changed

Suddenly he felt dull again and the vet was consulted. Ludwig did not like the injections. He became suspicious and reacted more sceptically when people entered his enclosure. He became shy and backed away unless food was brought. It was planned to let Ludwig run with two pot-bellied pigs, but the hoped-for harmony failed to materialise.

Ludwig became part of our family at Köglerhof

Ludwig has had a new human friend for about a month now. Markus, the administrator of Gut Aiderbichl Carinthia, has taken the lively wild boar to his heart from the first moment. Markus has a lot of experience with blind animals and has been observing Ludwig's development since his arrival.

The left eye may indeed be blind. Ludwig should be able to see out of his right eye, even if a light veil is visible. He orientates himself excellently and is happy when the keepers come with the food pan. That's when things get really busy, because our little wild boar is always ravenously hungry.

Ludwig's new friends

Flo and Lisi, two mini pigs, became Ludwig's new friends. As you know, pigs have their own rules and so Flo appointed himself the boss of the trio. This was no problem for Ludwig, because the most important thing for him is to have playmates.

In winter, Flo and Lisi prefer to snuggle up in the warm pigsty. Ludwig is a wild pig who doesn't mind the cold. So even though the sty door is closed, Ludwig can always reach his friends.

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Wild boar Ludwig

Wild boar

Ludwig was wandering through the woods when he was not a freshling. Badly injured and sick, a lady found him and took him into her care. But he could not stay with her and so she found a place...

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