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Even before the foundation in 2001, Michael Aufhauser was a strong advocate for animal rights. Together with Dieter Ehrengruber, Gut Aiderbichl became a driving force that caused a stir, and not just in the first few years. Year after year, we fight for fair conditions for animals and on our own farms we ensure this ourselves.

About the history

We want to help animals on a large scale

Michael Aufhauser 's highest concern was to be able to help animals in need on a large scale. The focus wasn't on the size of the property itself, but rather on having sufficient capacity. Thanks to his know-how, professional commitment and his sense for people and animals, Gut Aiderbichl was able to grow and establish itself for this purpose. Until now thousands of animals have benefited.

It was immediately clear to Michael Aufhauser that animal protection must be human protection at the same time. His credo: Even if we could protect animals from us humans, we would have achieved nothing. We will only have achieved something when we no longer have to protect animals from us humans. Then we will have changed something: Us!

Portrait of Michael Aufhauser

Unique meeting place between humans and animals

Dieter Ehrengruber has accompanied Gut Aiderbichl from the very beginning and was instrumental in founding the unique meeting place between humans and animals.

Michael Aufhauser told him about his idea to create places where hundreds of thousands of people would meet rescued animals, to experience and feel them. His goal was to also address young people and get them excited about the topic of animals. Dieter Ehrengruber was fascinated by this vision.

Portrait of Dieter Ehrengruber

Financial report 2021

The 2021 financial report will soon be available for download here.

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