Our commitment to impaired animals

We build on tolerance and compassion

Project: Our commitment to impaired animals

It is precisely their flaws and weaknesses that make them endearing

At Gut Aiderbichl, we have a vision of a world in which all living beings live together in absolute harmony. This can happen only if we build on cohesion as well as tolerance, and are willing to face all living beings without prejudice.

Animals - just like humans - can be affected by a physical as well as a psychological handicap. Animals do not have a voice, but they do have the right to a full life. This also includes impaired animals.

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Our project at a glance

Our commitment to impaired animals


  • Animals with impairments find no place in society. Often their path leads directly to the slaughterhouse or they are euthanized. Animals have no voice, but they do have the right to a full life. This also includes impaired animals.



  • We want to provide impaired animals with a species-appropriate and loving life.
  • We want to send a message against prejudice and for more tolerance.

Our work:

  • We advocate for more tolerance and give impaired and old animals a loving forever-home.
  • We cater to the individual needs of our animals.


  • We want to raise public awareness in dealing with impaired animals.

Even animals with a handicap are full of joie de vivre!

Our project - the whole story

We accompany our animals on their journey through life

It is not about forcibly prolonging the animals' lives, but about accompanying them on their journey through life. Over the years, we have become experts for handicapped and senior animals. In addition to the housing conditions, the medical care is always different and individual.

Best medical care

Whether healthy or not, with a handicap or old: all our rescued animals are cared for by our keepers and veterinarians in the best possible way, and according to their individual needs. Every day, we strive to do the best possible for our animals to enable them to live a happy and species-appropriate life at Gut Aiderbichl.

Will the animals at Gut Aiderbichl be euthanized?

When we realize that we are no longer getting anywhere with our medical treatment and care, we must make the difficult decision to let an animal go peacefully. This always happens in the presence of trusted caregivers and best friend.

This decision is never made by anyone alone, but always in consultation with our caregivers and a veterinarian.

The very special animals from Gut Aiderbichl

We are committed to more tolerance on our farms and give impaired and old animals a loving forever-home. We would like to introduce you to some of our very special animals and their stories:


Sassy is listening. With her head slightly bowed, she stands at the entrance of the stable, her ears straining toward the stable aisle. Sassy cannot see. The white Galloway cow was born blind - actually a death sentence for a calf on a farm, because such animals usually find it difficult to find their way around in larger or changing herds due to their impairment. But Sassy was lucky: the farmer's wife, where she was born twelve years ago, loved her animals. She turned to Gut Aiderbichl and asked for help. Barely two weeks after her birth, Sassy traveled to Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf together with her mother Sarah and has been living in a very special herd of cattle ever since - the "blind gang". You can find more information about Sassy here.

Tessa (Schnütchen)

When pony mare Paloma gave birth to little Tessa, it must have been a shock for the owners. The little foal had a very crooked nose. This is a hereditary disease called "Wry Nose Defect". Probably because of this, Paloma and her foal were given to a dealer. Today Paloma and her foal, called Schnütchen, can enjoy their life on the Ballermann Ranch.
Read the whole story here.


Dog Neema was found as a puppy on the romanian streets. She couldn't move her hind legs. The assumption is that her disability is the result of an accident. At Gut Aiderbichl, Neema learned how to use a wheelchair. Today, the fun-loving dog scampers around the Animal Visitor Centre in Henndorf. You can find out more about Neema here.

Kathi, Karli and Bully

Growth disorders in cattle are not uncommon. More and more often it happens that a calf is way too small and tender. Many farmers change their minds and take pity on a calf that has grown too small. Some pick up the phone and call Gut Aiderbichl. This was "the best case" for Kathi, Karli and Bully. All three are small in stature, but cuddly and just grateful to be allowed to live. You can read more about the "three musketeers" from Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf here.

Hampti Tampti

The birth of Hampti Tampti was anything but easy. Only with the greatest effort of man and animal, he came into the world with a broken shoulder blade. Thus, the little sheep could not stand up on its own.

Therefore, the broken shoulder was stabilized with the help of a bandage. Unfortunately, the bandage was too long on the joint, so the front foot and the knee joint stiffened. Hampti Tampti can walk, but now steps on his knee joint instead of his front foot. The previous owners loved their sheep dearly, so they did not have the heart to drive the animals to the slaughterhouse. Instead, mom and son are now allowed to live a beautiful life among the Aiderbichl sheep group. Read the whole story here.


For Noldi, euthanasia had been considered as a last resort, because the donkey is blind. But at Gut Aiderbichl, animals with handicaps are in good hands. Noldi has settled in very well with our donkey family and walks confidently around the estate in the midst of our donkey caravan. This is the best proof that handicaps do not diminish the joy of life. Read more here.


Little Lou is an adorable Siberian forest cat. She has had a stubby tail since birth and is incontinent due to a paralysis of the bladder. Since no one wanted to take in an incontinent cat, she has found a new home at Gut Aiderbichl Traisen. The caretakers there are specialized in cats of advanced age, but also in the care of sick and disabled cats. Lou is lively, very cuddly and brings a lot of energy into the cat enclosure. Read more here.


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