Horse Marcus


  • Colour:
    Dark brown
  • Gender:
  • Star sign:
  • Birthday:
  • Entry date:
  • Location:
    Adjuster USA

Marcus' story starts at the age of about 3 years in the waiting area of the slaughterhouse in Austin, Texas. Since warmblood horses are rather rare in this area, the wallach came to the attention of an employee of the slaughterhouse. He informed his girlfriend, who was particularly interested in warmblood horses. The friend bought the horse for free on the same day. She probably named the horse "BaBa". As Marcus showed very difficult behaviour, she decided to give the horse to a couple after some time. The couple, however, also found themselves overwhelmed with the difficult horse. They no longer allowed him to go to the paddock, but only to an adjacent paddock where there was not much to be found apart from rubbish, scrap metal and old carts. "BaBa" was starving. Through a concerned friend, a lady heard about the horse and immediately decided to drive to Austin and take him in. BaBa was in terrible shape and the name itself seemed almost as terrible. The lady named him "Marcus", because nothing should remind him of his miserable life. It took a long time before Marcus would even let himself be touched. He was extremely traumatised by what people had done to him. Like Max, he lived with Lucy for about 2.5 years. To this day he is considered "difficult". We will change this by giving him a lot of attention.

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