Everything out of control

6 dwarf rabbits are new residents in the rabbit hutch at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf

From the perspective of Gut Aiderbichl

(written by Gisela Pschenitschnig)

A few weeks ago A few weeks ago, an urgent request from a rabbit owner reached us. There were suddenly too many baby rabbits in the rabbit hutch and everyone was shocked. The lady was given two supposedly female rabbits by acquaintances. She gave the new arrivals together with her rabbit girls and lo and behold: the new ones were not girls, but male rabbits.
The problem was not to remain the only one. The landlord did not allow the rabbits to stay in the rental property.

The excitement was great, the solution came quickly

Balou, Maya, Koko, Ella, Donna and Trixi were transported to their new forever home at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf.

One rabbit is more beautiful than the other:
Balou - is about three years old. He is brown and the big charmer in the new rabbit group.
Ella - is two years old and has a beautiful black and white coat.
Maya - is only half a year old and her fur is black and white.
Koko - is the same young as Maya and has a gray coat.
Trixi - is about three years old and her fur is brown.
Donna - is one year old and her fur is black.

The health check shows no health problems, and so it is sure that the six rabbits will soon populate the rabbit house together with all the others. Let's wish the rabbits a wonderful time in their forever home. 

Easter is coming in a few weeks ...

People are happy that the traditional festivals can be celebrated again without any problems. The meaning of Easter is the new beginning and the Easter bunny has been considered a symbol of fertility for centuries. The reason is that the hare is the first animal to have its young in spring.
For children, the Easter bunny is important because, after all, he hides the colored eggs and Easter gifts.

Please do not give away animals

Many of the new friends of Balou and his girls were Easter presents - at some point the presenteen the Rabbit no longer have. It needs a species-appropriate attitude, the right food, conspecifics, care and also attention.
Animals are fellow creatures - they have a heart, a soul and all the organs like us humans. They should not be given away like a bouquet of flowers. I think that all rabbits in our rabbit house would nod their heads right now.

Sincerely, Yours Gisela

You want to learn more about rabbits?

You already have a rabbit at home and would like to learn more about these beautiful animals? Then our Gut Aiderbichl Academy is the right place for you. We answer the most frequently asked questions about rabbit husbandry in our live webinars. The next webinar will take place on 24.03.2023.

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