Happy feelings with pony Lucy and her foal Hanna

At the end of February, animals from poor husbandry were confiscated by the veterinary office in Deggendorf, Germany. The confiscated group included peacocks and the ponies Flori, Lucy and Maxl. The animals were examined and in all the dilemma, a small feeling of happiness arose because the Shetland pony Lucy was pregnant.
Benedikt Gruber, administrator at Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf, and his team organised species-appropriate accommodation for the new arrivals. From now on, the animals will be laughing with the sun.

Emergency situations and the light at the end of the tunnel

Again and again, Michael Aufhauser's thought proves true:
As long as we have to protect animals from us humans, we have achieved nothing. Only when we no longer have to protect them, we will have reached our goal. Then we have changed something: US.
More than 700 horses have found a new home at the meeting places of Gut Aiderbichl. They no longer perform, the financial burden becomes too great, the owner is struck by an illness or the animals no longer interest people. It is just as easy to raise the finger now as it is to "get rid" of the animals without thinking twice. Sometimes our employees learn why animals are neglected, sometimes not. The goal is to help and treat them with respect.

The dignity of neglected animals

Dignity is not bestowed, you have it or you don't. It is the human being who has domesticated the horse, it is the human being who then treats this horse well or, unfortunately, sometimes not well. In the case of the confiscated group of animals from Deggendorf, people looked and thus turned the sad life of the animals into a happy future. A new, species-appropriate life with love, care and lots of exercise is the ultimate goal for the animals' well-being.

Little Hanna is Lucy's sunshine

Little Hanna was born on the 4th of April. Who do you think is the daddy? Flori or Maxl? Let's be elegant and let Lucy's paternity remain a secret.
Hanna and Lucy live in their own stable at night, strewn with plenty of straw, and during the day the mare and her foal enjoy their own pasture. Hanna is bubbling over with joie de vivre, cuddles with her mum and the staff and is obviously fully aware of being a little princess. The little whirlwind with brown fur conquers hearts and drops into the grass at midday to sleep in the sun.
Lucy is simply happy. Since she has been living in Deggendorf, she has blossomed and is a wonderful mum to her Hanna. On Mother's Day, Hanna will be six weeks old - a lovely present for Lucy.

Without reverence for life, humanity has no future."

- Albert Schweitzer



Let Hanna's joie de vivre infect you and pay Gut Aiderbichl Deggendorf a visit.

Horse Lucy

Shettland pony

Lucy was confiscated by the authorities together with other ponies and four peacocks and can now call Gut Aiderbichl her new home. Lucy gave birth to a pony foal, Hanna. Now the two of them live together on our estate...

Horse Hanna


Hanna's mother Lucy was seized by the authorities. A few days later, Lucy gave birth to little Hanna, who is now making our estate in Deggendorf unsafe. She will always live in good conditions with us and may...

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