World Cat Day

From the perspective of Gut Aiderbichl

(written by Gisela Pschenitschnig)

For World Cat Day on 8.8.2021 - The most beautiful song on earth is the purr song of a cat

More than 500 cats live on Gut Aiderbichl's home and meeting yards. These are not only abandoned cats. Animals whose owners have died or could no longer keep the animals have also found a new home with us.

The cat has probably always been the undisputed animal number one in Austrian households. With their velvet paws, their snub noses and their idiosyncratic character, they manage to make people happy.

The eyes of a cat are windows that let us see into another world (Irish proverb)

In the agricultural Egypt of the 6th century, the cat not only rose to become an elegant mouse hunter, but was also cultically revered. For the Romans and Greeks, the cat was a useful pet, but also a scary and unpredictable animal. With the expansion of the Roman Empire, the cat's homeland spread more and more into northern Europe.
Today, cats live all over the world, whether in people's flats and houses or in the wild.

Facts about the cat

Since 2016, all cats with access to the outdoors must be neutered by law. Unneutered outdoor cats contribute to increasing the number of stray cats. From one cat family whose female offspring are not spayed, it is estimated that around 80,000 cats can be born in eight years.

A few years ago, a young Greek stray cat was packaged as a message in a bottle and was to die miserably. How brutal must a person be to put a living creature in a plastic bottle? By the way, little Eleni was rescued by animal-loving people and has been living happily at Gut Aiderbichl for several years.

Bailey, a beautiful, proud red cat, lives in the cat living room in Henndorf. I will never forget the day when a completely frozen, drenched, whimpering young kitten was discovered by a visitor at the car park. Bailey was quickly rubbed dry, fed and placed in a soft padded basket. It is a miracle that Bailey has forgiven us humans and has also become a world champion in purring.

The dear God has an eye on his animal fellow creatures

A year ago, the story of Möhrli the cat reached us. A monastery compound had become his territory. Möhrli had everything he needed: a basket to sleep in, food, people, love and petting. The convent was to be closed down and the last nun and a friend did not give up - Möhrli came to Gut Aiderbichl, where he has settled in very well.

"Humbly I bend down to stroke the silky fur. I am content to be her slave" (Walter Adolphe Roberts).

Pauli the indoor cat has lived in the Great Hall for years. You can find him in his basket, on the sofa behind the cushions, in the shop among the stuffed animals or meowing in front of the kitchen.
Sometimes he gives the impression of sleeping: curled up, his head slightly raised on a blanket, but his ears always pricked up. You can't hide anything from him.
At night, Pauli is on the prowl in the various courtyards. Of course, this makes him tired and hungry, and he waits impatiently for breakfast to be served.

I look forward to you joining me on a next guided tour of our purring happy cats.
Sincerely, your Gisela

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