Cat "Weißer"

A cat fate to think about

One day, a white tomcat run to an animal-loving family - he was called Weißer, which means "the white one". The cat was emaciated, showed vicious and at the same time was shy and aloof. There was no answer whether he had been abandoned, or simply was a stray. Lovingly and with a lot of patience, they took care of the cat. Every day, he found his food in front of the house doorbut he remained unapproachable, until at some point he trusted and felt that everyone meant only well with him.

The feeding place was safe for Weißer

He knew where the food bowl was and for years he found his way to the front door of the dear people, where the full bowl was always waiting for him.

What Weißer did not know, but worried the humans, was the fact that they had to move and there was no way to take him with them.

The next tenant did not want to have anything to do with the cat and the immediate neighbor even threatened to take harsher measures, if the cat did not stop sitting in front of the door, begging for food.

What now, Weißer?

Some life situations are really tricky, but perhaps there would still be people who could give Weißer a home? Leaving the animal to the neighbors was obviously not a good option. Disinterest or beatings - none of that would have pleased him.

"Somehow I felt that the people who thankfully put good food in front of my door for years became so peculiar. Just humans. I've experienced quite a few things there. If only I knew what's going on!".

Do animals feel? Do animals grieve and rejoice? Are they afraid? Weißer may not have been afraid, but he felt that the situation was different around the people who were feeding him.

"I have to listen once and turn my ears to see if I can somehow hear that something is different. ...What was happening now? - That was the human hand trying to pet me, which has been feeding me for such a long time. Hm, I would not like that so gladly. I go again then!".

Weißer has found his forever home at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf

Even if he allowed love and care only at a distance, he still crept into the hearts of his people. The family did not give up trying to find a respectful and good solution for the cat.

After Gut Aiderbichl gave the go-ahead to take in the cat, he felt very relieved. Weißer has now settled in very well in the cat enclosure at Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf. There are food bowls and cuddle spots wherever he looks.

One has the impression that he enjoys his new environment and also seems to be happy to have found so many conspecifics here.

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave behind. - Dakota

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