Lotte and Sissi

two romanian bitches take their fate in their "paws"

Lotte and Sissi - two romanian bitches take their fate in their "little paws"

Gut Aiderbichl has existed in Romania for several years. In the meantime, hundreds of dogs have been taken in, treated and then placed. Most of them are strays that are hit by cars or arrive at the gate of Gut Aiderbichl in Romania for other reasons. Sometimes the dogs are simply thrown over the fence...

Many Romanian dog fates make the animal-loving heart cramp and it is difficult to find an answer to why some people let animals suffer or sometimes even want to hurt and torture them.

Lotte from Romania 

Together with her sister, Lotte, who is about one year old, probably wanted to cross a street. Unsuspecting anything bad, they tried to get to the other side of the road and were hit by a car.
One day after the accident, the dog owners contacted Gut Aiderbichl Romania and asked for help. Lotte's life was hanging by a thread, her sister had unfortunately already died from the severe injuries.

Lotte's little body was rather already in the afterlife

The vet checked the reflexes on the legs and along the spine. Lotte had her eyes closed and hardly showed any movement.

They did not give up and tried gently and with all the rules of art to save the young dog's life. The wounds were cleaned and treated. Slowly Lotte opened her beautiful googly eyes and perhaps wanted to see who was doing her some good? She let herself be stroked and probably felt that the people only meant well with her.

Lotte races with a wheelchair with the other dogs

A small wheelchair was made and with the help of her front paws she walks through her young life with a zest for life as if she had never experienced it any other way.
There is hope that the paralysis in her hind legs will subside. Lotte tries to stand at the feeding bowl, which still costs her a lot of strength.

Pearl (Sissi) - she can be stroked again and walks on three legs

The little mongrel dog Pearl, now called Sissi, is five years old and has also suffered a terrible accident. She was caught in an animal trap with her right front leg and was delivered to the dog shelter with severe injuries. Sissi's right leg could not be saved and had to be amputated.

Only after six weeks did the little, adorable dog allow humans to pet her. Over time, Sissi has shed her fears and insecurities and even licks the hands of her rescuers, albeit still somehow reserved.

Sissi quickly learned to accept her fate and runs along with the other dogs on her three little legs.

How brave are the animals

At Gut Aiderbichl Romania, hardly a day goes by without a dog being handed in injured or lying half-dead at the gate.

The colleagues in Romania castrate stray dogs and cats and thus bring about a slow change in people's thinking that animal suffering can be avoided through castration.

Just like Lotte and Sissi, dozens of dogs in our shelter in Romania are waiting for loving people who will give them a special foster place. Our dogs from Romania have already brought a lot of joy to many families.
They are grateful animals - grateful to be accepted as they are: sometimes with a handicap.

Maybe you want to give a romanian dog a new home? Yours sincerely, Gisela.

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