Goats Hope, Burli and Angelo

They had served their time as lawn mowers

Hope, Burli and Angelo are not even a year old, and after they were no longer used as lawn mowers, they were to be taken to the slaughterhouse. The three tame goats were rescued by an animal-loving lady. One day remained - Gut Aiderbichl had to decide as quickly as possible to give the animals a forever home. The admission could be promised.

Animal power as manpower

Many animals are used as pack and draft animals, those that transport goods or power mills. The tasks for which farm animals are used can be strenuous, dangerous, and sometimes even deadly.
Goats are among the earliest domesticated animals. Their history is vast and interesting. In ancient times, goats spread throughout the Mediterranean region. From mythology, we learn that God Pan, the god of animals and the forest, represents half man - half goat. In mythology, we find also the first evidence that goats were used as work animals wuThe chariot of the germanic thunder god Thor is pulled by two billy goats. When goats are mentioned as work animals, they are usually described as pulling animals in front of ladder wagons or small carts.

The cleverness and curiosity of goats

In fact, goats are intelligent, adaptive and affectionate animals. They quickly become tame and also seek human caregivers.
Goats are beautiful, proud, resentful and also funny. They not only get along well with people, but can also develop a deep friendship with animals.
The goat is far from the stupid goat. Their emotional world corresponds to the sensitive emotional world of horses, sheep and primates. They are able to recognize the feelings of their conspecifics., and express their feelings among themselves through their voice.
Goats like to walk with humans. It is extremely relaxing to walk along a path with a goat. From them, the person learns to get used to a slow pace and find relaxation.

Hope, Burli and Angelo were young lawn mowers on four legs

Not only sheep, but also adorable goats like Hope, Burli and Angelo are used as lawn mowers or landscapers. Somehow, however, the owner of the three pretty billy goats didn't want to have anything more to do with the live lawnmowers and wanted to have them slaughtered.
They are now castrated and live at Gut Aiderbichl Henndorf. Our goat girls Lola and Betty in particular, are delighted with the new addition to the goat pen. It did not take long for the three brown and black goats to be well received and accepted in the herd of Henndorf goats.

Man should consider:

"Those who do not respect the dignity of animals cannot take it from them, but they lose their own."

~ Albert Schweitzer

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