Cat Michl

a lovable patient for life

From the perspective of Gut Aiderbichl

(written by Gisela Pschenitschnig)

Cat Michl was brought to a veterinary clinic by his owners few months ago. Michl's problem was a bony tail break and a maggot infestation on his tail. The cat's owners indicated that they did not want Michl back and left him at the clinic. He should be euthanized.

Every animal has a right to...

To what? It has a right to respect, to be cared for and kept in an appropriate manner to its species. Every animal has a right to the care of its owner. Whether a small white mouse or a big horse - an animal is a living being with heart, soul and organs. It deserves respect and responsible handling until the last second of its life.

Cat Michl no longer met the expectations of his owners

Due to the bony tail tear as well as urinary and fecal incontinence, Michl should be thus be euthanized. Before the gray cat was brought to the clinic, he was only allowed to live on the balcony.
The doctor at the veterinary clinic refused to euthanize him. He and his team had decided to take care of the tom cat together and at least to keep him alive.
The tail was amputated and soon it turned out that despite the best medicines, love, time and therapies, he could not urinate on his own, and the feces tumbled uncontrollably from the anus.

Nevertheless, Michl should be allowed to live.

"...Michl is a loving and bright cat...!"

The loving support for Michl was now taken over by a veterinary specialist from the team of the attending veterinarian. Michl couldn't have a future in the clinic, and so his human friends contacted the animal rescue center at Gut Aiderbichl.

The new forever home was Gut Aiderbichl Traisen

As in the animal clinic, the Aiderbichl staff in Traisen is also very taken with Michl's loving and bright character. He is communicative and loves to eat, and meanwhile also gladly accepts petting.
He still cannot empty his urine by himself, so massages help Michl's bladder to empty itself.
He is getting to know his new home very well and has found two good friends in the cats Minka and Arion.

Thank you to the loving helpers at the animal hospital. Thank you for the respect and the belief that everything could end well for cat Michl, because people looked and preserved the life of an animal in need.
Sincerely, your Gisela.

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